Creative Strategy           Concept Development 

Actively involved in creative strategy, concept development and copywriting for multiple Sprite campaigns including Sprite & Spicy Pakistan & Egypt, Sprite Your Thirst and Sprite Ramadan. 

Sprite Refreshment 2017 

Sprite Your Thirst

Role: Creative Manager/Copywriter


Challenge: Young Adults have a thirst to be something more than what the society expects them to be, but they don’t have the avenues that would enable them to quench their thirst.  


Idea: Sprite being the ally, enables them to cut through all the mediocrity in life and fearlessly quench their thirst.


Touch Points: ATL/BTL & Digital


Results: Sprite is the more lovable white soda, ranked as the 6th most popular beverage on 2013, occupying 8% of the market share which has been increasing ever since. 

Sprite Ramadan 2017 

Sprite Your Iftar 

Role: Creative Manager/Copywriter


Challenge: ‘Doodh soda’ (Milk and Soda) and RoohAfza are traditional drinks that are consumed during Ramadan to beat the heat and to replenish after a long day of fasting. The challenge was to bring Sprite in the mix as consumers often avoid drinking fizzy drinks while breaking a fast because of the possibility of a heartburn.


Idea: After a long day of fasting, all you need is a hit of Sprite with milk/RoohAfza to refresh and recharge you for your post Iftar plans. 


Touch Points: ATL/BTL & Digital


Sprite & Spicy 2017 

Sprite Your Spice 

Pakistan & Egypt

Role: Creative Manager/Copywriter


Challenge: Sprite and spicy is a platform built to create a habit in consumers to pair Sprite with spicy food. The main challenge was to further build on the spicy platform and enable both Egyptian and Pakistani consumers to associate Sprite with authentic spicy street food. 


Idea: Sprite isn’t just a drink that notches up the spicy food experience. It is an attitude that makes you cut through all the mediocrity in life and aim for the thrill. 


Touch Points: ATL/BTL & Digital


Results: One of the most popular Youtube Ads in Pakistan and it led to an increase in an overall brand love in both the countries.