Creative Strategy           Concept Development 

Actively involved in creative strategy, concept development and copywriting for multiple Fanta campaigns including Fanta Play, Fanta Rainbow and Fanta Flavors.

Fanta 2016 

Play #Fanta100

Role: Creative Manager/Copywriter


Challenge: With the endless demands of schoolwork, teens hardly find time to have some fun with their friends and make memories.  


Idea: This is where Fanta steps in! By taking inspiration from the classic game of spin the bottle, Fanta packaging added actual dares on the packaging. Teens only had to scratch the label to add some Fanta fun to their lives.


Touch Points: ATL/BTL & Digital


Results: There was +10% Brand Engagement, +30% increase in social media traffic and 50% increase in Instagram followers. 

Fanta 2017 

Teens Takeover 

Role: Creative Manager/Copywriter


Challenge: For brands, trying to be teen is Dangerous. Today’s teens get marketing, they know the tricks and they smell the B.S. Teens see through the use of global celebrities, they don’t need edgy fashion and mainstream music is lame. 


Idea: To join teen culture, we gave up controls of the brand and let teens take over Fanta, which is against conventional wisdom, but we went for it! The campaign focused on teen habits, from enabling them to create fun digital content to having their favorite snacks – chips and drink. 


Touch Points: ATL/BTL & Digital


Results: Across all 14 markets sales increased by almost double set targets. Teen penetration rose 3.3% and volume sales increased 3.7%.