Creative Strategy           Concept Development 

Actively involved in creative strategy, concept development and copywriting for multiple Coca-Cola campaigns including Coke Carma, Coke & Meals, Coke Cricket, Coke Ramadan, Coke Zero, Coke Music and Coke Studio for the Deaf.  Below are some of the campaigns I have worked on. 

Coca-Cola Music 2016 

Zalima Coca-Cola Piladey

Role: Creative Manager/Copywriter


Challenge: Coke Studio is the leading music platform of Pakistan; the challenge was to relaunch it and push it even further. 


Idea: Gave a tribute to a legendary musician, Noor Jehan, by creating a modern rendition of one of her popular songs, making multiple generations connect through a singular experience of music. 


Touch Points: ATL/BTL & Digital


Results: +110 Million Views, Viewed over 150 countries, 20% Volume growth, +10% increase in Brand Love

Coca-Cola CSR 2016 

Coke Studio for the Deaf 

Role: Creative Manager/Copywriter


Challenge: Around 9 Million Pakistanis have some form of hearing impairment that deprives them from experiencing Coke Studio. 


Idea: To include the community in Coca-Cola’s musical experience, the sounds of the Coke Studio songs were translated into tactile and visual language using vibrations and lightings. 


Touch Points: BTL & Digital


Results: +100 Million Views, 3,060,09 Facebook views with 23% engagement rates and 32,849 shares in less than 24 hours. 

Coca-Cola CSR 2017 

Bottle of Change

Role: Creative Manager/Copywriter


Challenge: On the 8th of July 2016, Abdul Sattar Edhi, the leading face of philanthropy in Pakistan, passed away. Since his untimely death, the Edhi Foundation has struggled with raising donations and funds.


Idea: To help support the Edhi Foundation, the Coca-Cola Company launched a campaign during Ramadan, a month of giving, to facilitate a nationwide donation drive. For every ‘Bottle of Change’ that was bought, a small percentage was donated to the foundation. The multinational beverage company committed to doubling all the donations for the Edhi Foundation. 


Touch Points: ATL/BTL & Digital


Results: 300+ Edhi Centers benefitted from the donations, 75000+ collection points were designated to meet the growing demand and Rs. 25 million target was met as people all across the country donated.